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"Don't you want to live for ever Paul, like Dorian Gray....on video at least?"


Taking a dark trip into a world of red-hued nightmares, Seeing Heaven tells 

the story of Paul, a beautiful young escort with a disturbing gift. When Paul 

has sex with his clients, he gives them a little of his soul, letting them glimpse 

visions both exciting and scary. Searching for a mysterious, 'perfect' twin, 

whom he hasn't seen since childhood , he is convinced that he is in danger.

Paul befriends ambitious porn director John Baxter. Baxter wants to make a 

real film, and recognizes in Paul the perfect star. He reasons that if Paul can 

discover himself through his performance it will help him find his twin.


But the journey Paul goes on is a dark one, loosing himself in drugs and 

searching for risky sex to give his visions an edge. Plunged into dreams that 

merge with reality, Paul descends into a Mario Bava-esque underworld, where 

his red hooded twin is pursued by a mysterious killer in a white mask. Paul finds 

himself protected by Griffin a young rent boy artist, and Zhivago, a benevolent 

fuck-buddy who rescues him from a client's beating. But there are dark forces 

at work , and as Paul starts to see echoes of his dreams in Griffin's paintings, 

he senses he is getting closer to the truth.


With its stunningly shot scope dream sequences from Cinematographer Alessio 

Valori, this first feature from director Ian Powell and Producer Anton Risan, 

explores a dark world mixing dream and reality, where beauty is lusted after, 

coveted, but ultimately destroyed.

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