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Razors 2 - The Victims

"Who would resurrect Jack the Ripper?"

Obsessed with Jack the Ripper, the writer of Razors, crafts a new tale at the behest of a greedy producer.  A thief Fleet steels the blades from the burnt out ruins of the Electrowerkz at the bidding of an evil art collector but finds himself haunted by the spirit of the Ripper. When the Ripper eviscerates Fleet, the writer faces a dead end, unable to imagine the climax of the story.

But he finds himself haunted by the ghosts of the original five ripper victims who cannot rest in piece until they know the identity of the Ripper.

As those around him begin to die, the writer realizes the spirit of the Ripper is all too real and the Ripper's knives have been buried somewhere where their malignant influence can no longer exert any power. After being led to a grave with a blank black marble headstone, the writer find himself digging deeper and deeper until he discovers a staircase leading down into the unknown....into the World of the dead.

(C) 2016 Ian Powell & Magic Mask Pictures Limited . All rights reserved



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